We’re baaaack!


A couple of weeks ago, I got asked whether HotloadeD is no more, bereft of life, has ceased to be?!

Well… sort of. But I think I would prefer the term “In hibernation”.

Never fear! We have been shooting our little hearts out! I have also become rather familiar with many of New Zealands airports and hotels due to work, and have also started to take trail running rather seriously. Life in general has been rather hectic but I am feeling ready to inflict all our shooting adventures on you once again!

So anyway, here is a (very) brief summary of the last 11 months…

We went to Australia!

I was the reserve for the NZ Ladies Team in June and Jared tagged along to shoot too. The team event was shot during the Australian nationals and we both had a blast! I vaguely remember writing many blog posts while there (probably in notepad with no internet connection) and never quite polishing them to publishable stage. I will try to dig them out this week and post them. We won things and had great adventures so I should probably make an effort to do that!

The caliber of shooting in relation to the grading was out of this world. A highlight was Jareds 50.7 which didn’t even get him a place for the range in B grade! I scored a 50.2 at some stage which I think got me third place for that range in C grade… Ouch! A little bit different to shooting at Trentham!



All in all, it was a most excellent experience!  We hope to make an Australia trip an annual thing and this time we know what to expect so should be able to write some more!

Life as Normal…

After getting back from Aus, life pretty much went back to normal although we were both totally psyched up on shooting and were both shooting phenomenally well. For me, this turned out to be way too good to be true when a couple of months ago things crumbled – It happened pretty much overnight. I was shooting 49s at the club day on Saturday and then at the Wairarapa champs on Sunday everything went downhill and stayed there.

I will write more on this later as I have been doing some goal setting, thinking about training plans, skill development, mental training, visualisation and finding myself a mentor (and funnily enough, also a mentee!)  – there is way too much for one blog post on all of this! A lot of good positive stuff has come out of it!

Jared has been working towards his goals and has been shooting very well!

I also painted Jared’s stock which was a nice diversion… Here it is almost finished – I must get a finished photo at some point!

jareds stock

National Championships

And… the most recent adventure.

Nationals this year was fairly quiet for both of us results-wise.

I was not in a very good mental state going into the week and my confidence was very low. My goal setting had not included Nationals as I thought it was too close and my training was haphazard at best! I was also shooting shotgun style groups and didn’t have a clue why, or how to fix it.

I am very happy to say, that although I did not win anything, my shooting improved dramatically over the week! I worked out some solutions and figured out what I needed to do to improve. The week turned out to be a very valuable (and expensive) training session. Once again, a debrief is to come once I have my thoughts together.

A  highlight was shooting a 29.1 at 1000 yards in gale fishtail winds – It sounds like a bad score but I felt very pleased with myself that none of my shots were lower than a two in those conditions!

Jared won the long range aggregate in the Masefield which is excellent!

I did also manage to sneak in a run halfway through the week- here is a picture of the range from Tank Hill – we followed a random trail, went on a bit of a bush-bash, and found a great spot for photos! The cars on the left end are on the 1000 yard mound – people are still shooting if you look closely. The targets are all the way on the right hand side.



That is all for now – I have a bit more free time on my hands over the next week or so and am keen to get back into writing… A big catch-up this week may be in order!

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