Vics New Stock!

V bedding

It arrived! It arrived! My new NF Stock arrived yesterday and I had a fun filled evening playing with it and trying everything out… I am delighted with it!

Progress was somewhat hampered because we couldn’t find any bolts small enough for the butt-plate but we temporarily secured it with some cable ties.

My first impresssion was “It’s so HEAVY!”.  I should have expected this since it is cast aluminium. The weight might take some getting used to but it should be nice and stable and minimise the recoil for me (bonus! I won’t get knocked down the mound every shot!)

My second impression was “It’s so COLD!” as I put my cheek on the bare aluminium cheek-piece. I think a strip of neoprene is in order!

I don’t know where to start writing about it, but here is a photo of the rifle (mostly) assembled. I think I need to refurbish the old butt-plate! I requested for the stock to be unpainted as I am going to paint it myself.

New Stock

And a photo of the other side…

other side


There are a few special things about this stock. The first is that the butt has been shortened (quite significantly) for me.

The second is the bedding. Usually NF stocks use conventional bedding.  We originally asked for a Barnard V bedding which Nigel was going to trim down and weld into the stock. From what I understand, this turned out to be a bit of a nightmare! In the end, Nigel filled the stock with weld and machined it down to be similar to the Barnard V bedding. The hole in the middle is for the recoil lug. I believe this is the first time Nigel has done this so thanks!

V bedding


The third cool new thing is the grip. I believe that this is a new style of grip on these stocks… It is super comfortable and fits my hand very well!



I think the thing that I am most excited about (besides the upcoming paint job) is the cheek piece. On many other stocks, I really struggle to get good cheek pressure and consistent head position because my cheek is usually falling off the front of the cheek piece! Now that I am using a lens, it is even more crucial to have a consistent head position.

On this stock, the cheek piece can slide forwards to take the shot and then slides back to reload. I am really looking forward to not having to hold my head in position to shoot. I think it will make a huge difference. There is also vertical adjustment and a little bit of sideways adjustment as well.



The quality of the stock is very impressive. It has been beautifully crafted. I did not expect to receive it with a recoil lug installed so that was a nice bonus! We also discovered that Jareds action drops straight into it. This is a bit of a relief as we weren’t entirely sure if our actions are the same or not and Jareds stock has been based on my action! I think Jared is a bit jealous so hopefully his stock is finished soon.

I also got to dry fire my new trigger from Davies Triggers. It feels very nice! Another thing to play with and adjust… Here it is installed… The bolt sticking out from the bottom of the action is the recoil lug.

trigger and recoil


Next step is to find some bolts for the butt plate, have a shoot on it and make sure that it doesn’t need any modifications and then hit it with some paint!

Hopefully the weather is ok for shooting on Saturday!

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