Painting our Stocks (Part 3 – Airbrushing Vic’s Stock!)


The saga of the stocks continues with a frantic couple of evening’s work to get Vic’s stock ready for clear-coating on Friday (weather permitting). It is a bit of a mission juggling the painting around work. I manage to g. If the weather holds for Friday, I might need to take a day off (or at least a long lunchtime) as it will be the last chance for the next 10 days as rain is forecast.

I last left off in Part Two with a beautifully primed stock almost ready for paint.


Step 10

I need to give the primer some tooth for the airbrush paint to stick to. As it has such a nice finish, I do not need to aggressively sand it like I did with the original primer. I use a scotch pad to scuff the primer and remove all the sheen.

Step 11

I grab my white airbrush paint and my Badger Patriot airbrush and I base coat the stock. I wish RALI had had white etch primer in stock as it would have made my life a LOT easier here. Dark grey is not fun to paint over with white. The Badger Patriot is a wonderful airbrush for doing large areas like this it has good coverage and smooth atomisation. I use E’TAC opaque white mixed with Trident transparent base which improves the flow of the E’TAC white. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of this stage ­čÖü

Step 12

Masking! Again! This is very exciting masking… It is the masking for the final design on the stock. I have decided to render stylised reptile/dragon skin for both our stocks and I am not hugely keen to attempt it freehand as it is quite intricate and needs to be crisp. Hand-cutting the masking is not an option as it would take forever. Luckily Russ Allen at INSANE Custom Stencils┬áhooked me up with a gorgeous dragon skin pattern and once again, Dave at Signs of Success┬ásorted me out with some custom-cut masking vinyl. Thanks guys!

My next job is to weed out all the vinyl in the mask that I do not need… Here is a photo of a half finished stencil. You can see where I have weeded and where I haven’t. It is a fiddly job.


The weeded stencils ready for applying to the stock. These have transfer tape applied to them. This makes it very easy to apply the masking to the substrate; it basically holds the stencil together as it is applied.


I apply the custom masking to the stock and then, because I am applying a flat, square stencil to a curly surface, I have to add and remove bits of stencil and tape up any gaps that I do not want painted. Masking is an art in itself and one that I am very practised at! The gloves are so I don’t spread oil and grease from my hands to the stock.


Aaaand… The fully masked stock! It took a wee bit of a beating during masking and some of the very fresh paint is chipped – Trident paint is amazing in that you can mask on it almost immediately, but it is still very fragile until it properly cures in 24-ish hours (and then it is like rock!)…

I think it already looks great with just the masking… And yep! that is a mug of pink fizzy wine! I am all class whilst painting!


Step 13

This is it… Airbrushing!

There is actually not much I can say here as it is something I do mostly by feel. The big thing is to go very lightly with the first few coats to reduce bleeding under the masking.

The paints that I am using are: E’TAC, Schminke, Trident and Auto-Air – All extended with Trident transparent base (because no paint behaves itself quite like Trident!). I am also mixing my own colours with some powder pigments from Solar Colour Dust and Trident base. I am using my Badger Patriot and my Badger SOTAR 20/20 (pictured). Look at the concentration!


Step 14

I changed my mind about the colours halfway through… I am going for subtle. Here is the painted stock ready to unmask… Hard to take a photo of because of the pearl effect.


I can’t wait to see what it looks like unmasked! With touch ups later this evening, It should be cured enough to clear on Friday if the weather holds! Fingers crossed!


  1. Dave

    Looking good, the app tape worked OK then?

  2. VicVic (Post author)

    Thanks! The app tape worked perfectly! Such an easy system to use!


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