National Indoor Smallbore Championship and a PB.


Feeling tired but happy after my 30th birthday party last night, we headed off to the Royal Tiger range in Newtown, Wellington for the national indoor small bore championships. For the un-initiated, the national championships is shot on the same day at 13 venues around the country – cuts down on travelling for everyone!

We never really intended to take this event seriously as we expected to be feeling a little worse for wear after a great night with friends and beer but we were both feeling pretty good (though a bit tired) and went along for the giggles – after all, it is worth practicing competing when you are feeling less than optimal… You never know when illness might strike!

Some lessons were learnt today…

The format of the competition was a little different to what we are used to. Today we shot a 10 shot match and a 20 shot match instead of three 10 shot matches. Earlier in the season this would have not been a big deal but we have been leaving club nights quite early recently so haven’t been practicing 20 shot matches which are usually shot later on in the evening.

My first card went very well – in fact I shot a new personal best of  99.5! w00t! I shot my first 99 a couple of weeks ago (99.4) so it was nice to repeat it!


This is the latest in a series of PBs. My top scores have been creeping up this season which pleases me. I just have to work on my consistency and bringing up the bottom scores to match!

Jareds first card wasn’t so great – he was having trouble with his position and ended up with a 93.something.

My 20 shot shoot was a bit of a disaster. My first 10 was a 95 (which included two 8s. Overall, not totally terrible shooting – just a few costly mistakes). My second card was a 91.1 (it is AGES since I have shot that badly!) – it was just sloppy – circling the 10 ring in all directions but not quite managing to hit it. I realised when I left the mound that I was very VERY hungry. Anyone that knows me, will agree that a hungry Vic is a non-functioning, grumpy, incoherent Vic! I will admit that it was entirely my fault. By now I should know better than to go shooting with nothing to snack on between cards. Something to remember for next time.

Jareds first card in his twenty shot looked very nice through the scope. I honestly though he had shot 100. Unfortunately some of the borderline shots tested out and he ended up with a 97. The big weekend  caught up with him on the second card and he struggled with his eyesight and shot a 94.

All in all our final scores were Vic – 285 and Jared – 284. 285 is about my average so I think the 99 made up for the 91! I am not too upset when I average 95. Official results aren’t up yet and we have no idea where we came but I would guess we didn’t do too well… I will link them when they are published!

Update: Results here… Vic 15th, Jared 19th Nationals Results


  1. andre

    Well done Vic. Great reading.

    1. VicVic (Post author)

      Thanks Andre!


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