More Trophies! (In Which Vic and Jared Are Not Photogenic)


Well… it finally happened… after two years of smallbore shooting, Jared finally won a smallbore trophy!

We had a great evening at the Upper Hutt Smallbore club end of season BBQ and prizegiving. Good company and a fun novelty shoot kept us entertained.

Vic won the Hercock Bros Cup for the C Grade Aggregate (by one point!)


Jared won the James Blewman Memorial Cup for the C Grade Handicapped Aggregate.


Jared also won the novelty shoot (which Vic won last year!). Three people got equal scores so the winner was decided by drawing straws… Go Jared!

Jared was so pleased ¬†with his first smallbore trophy that he didn’t want to let it out of his sight! Vic isn’t overly excited about having to share a bed with a Jared, two cats AND a trophy!


Thanks to the Upper Hutt Smallbore club for another fun season! See you all next year!

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