“Mexican Match”


For a while, we have been asking around for some ADI brass. We know it isn’t the greatest brass in the world, but it is cheap and this year we would really REALLY like to have enough brass to not have to reload during nationals week! We have a load developed with Lapua brass for Jareds rifle, so I will use the ADIs and figure something out between running my rifle in and Nationals. (Not long to go now – eek!)

We have been lucky enough to acquire 2 batches each consisting of 216 cases  (thanks Kevin and Malcolm!). To our surprise, one batch of cases turned up as fully loaded ammunition!


From the label, this ammo was loaded in 1994 (I was 10 years old in 1994!) and has a 144 grain projectile. I believe it is left over from the 1995 World championships which was held in New Zealand.

Any ammo we don’t have to load ourselves is good ammo so we will use this in short range competitions and club days leading up to Nationals.

One thing we will do is replace the 144 grain projectiles with our nice shiny 155 grain HBCs. Anything to get an advantage in wind! Aren’t they pretty?


It is nice quick easy way of making this ammunition better!

First you pull the old projectile out (using the press rather than your teeth!)


And you end up with a bunch of powder filled bullet-less cases (powder that I didn’t have to weigh… yippee!)

youcanseethe powder

And some old projectiles… notice the crimp line around them compared to our new ones and also the copper jacket doesn’t continue all the way to the back..


Then you squash a new bullet in.

squashing1 squashing squashed

Umm…they aren’t supposed to look like this! I guess this one was softer than the rest!


And final result… Boxes of bullets! We put aside 50 of the original rounds for when I run in my new barrel. No point in wasting our good projectiles when all I am doing is getting my rifle dirty!


And finally, the important question… How well does this 20 year old ammunition shoot?

Well… we tried it out a couple of weeks ago – It seems to work pretty well. I shot a 48.3 at 600 yards – my best score of the season so far by a long way! My group was well within the 5 ring (except for the wind related 4s but that isn’t the ammo’s fault!). I think the ammo shoots better than I do.




  1. Rick

    What did you think of the bullet speeds you got with the mexican handload compared with your normal load. I see the last shot was 1769…We used to reweigh the powder and add a bit more to give a mexican hotload.

    1. JaredJared

      Hi Rick
      The speed was down a bit from our normal load but was thinking that was just the load pushing a heaver projectile, we did not want to reweigh the powder as we don’t have 2206 as I believe this is what they were loaded with, probably the biggest inconsistency with the load was because the boat tail being open meant that the powder would stick to the lead and in trying to get it back into the case I would lose a couple of kernels.
      To be honest these loads are not taken very seriously, we are just making something that shoots so we can reload the case.

      1. Rick

        To make a real mexican handload you dont need to add another powder into the mix. Just use the powder from one of the rounds that you pull. You lose one round every now and then but you save sighters and have a better round specially at the longer ranges. Certainly worth doing. I’ve fired thousands of these rounds.

        1. VicVic (Post author)

          We will look at it next time! We have less than 100 of them left now and they will all be shot at short range over the next two club days… They are shooting bloody well! I got a 50.6 at 300 yards on Saturday! Thanks for your advice!

  2. Andre

    From memory bout point 2 of a qrain load varience with this ammo. About 250,000 rounds loaded all up for 1994 then 1995. Shot pretty well.

    1. JaredJared

      20 years later and they Still shoot pretty well 🙂


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