Lower North Island Regional Championships

Small-bore is our off season and is generally not taken that seriously, but who can resist the challenge of competitions, good fun and a bit of practice with head space. I tend to find it helps give a bit of purpose to my shooting.

The Lower North Island Regional Championships is a series of 6 events, competitors must complete 5 events to qualify. at this point there is only one event left, and we are looking forward to it.

The series has been a bit up and down for me, as I started on a club rifle that i had just got comfortable with, shooting great scores for my grade. Then I was offered a rifle to use on loan for as long as I needed it and down went the scores. I had major trouble finding a position that worked for me, and I have wanted to go back to the club rifle.  Perseverance and some big help from Jono and Helen, has put me back in control and back to shooting 96/97 at last but the challenge will be the last comp. On our current scores, Vic is beating me in C grade by 13 points but if we take out our worst score, the margin drops to 5 points. The pressure is on for us both, who will crack?

Find out in two weeks ­čśë


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