Interclub and Club night

Adelle and Kenny

Meet our new students, Kennie and Adele

Adelle and Kenny

They have been shooting at the club for a couple of weeks. Adele is in a sling trying to remember what she learned during the secondary school shooting, and Kennie is her sister and has shot a couple of times off a rest. They haven’t really had anyone looking after them, so when they asked us to scope for them last week, we could see huge room for improvement.

The coaches in the club have been very busy with lots of new shooters coming through and putting pressure on the whole club and the gear, and these two were about to slip through the cracks. We had to take them on –  they both have lots of talent so our club nights are now coaching.

For the first night (last night) we started with some basics about sight-picture and breathing and then helped Kennie get set up on the rest properly to get the most out of it. Kennie learnt to squeeze the trigger after she breathes out rather than at any old time, and to move her body to move the rifle around the targets.

Then it was Adele’s turn. Once she was in position, it looked much better than I remembered from the previous week, so with a bit of a tighten on the sling, and a push of the elbow it looked even better.

In we went for the first shoot. we had them both shoot groups, and they did really well. It was looking good to shoot a real card, so in round two Kennie shot a PB of 82.1 a 15 point improvement on last week with some nice 9s and 10s! Adele had a very respectable 93.2. Both Kennie and Adele are good at calling their shots. We are really excited to work with these guys more.  We enjoyed our first real go at coaching new shooters!


It is semi-finals time for inter-club . Vic is shooting for the Division 2 team who were against Wainuiomata, and Jared for the Division 3 against Pauatahanui. Jared and the rest of the Div 3 team got down. Jared had drawn the mound against the wall and had lots of difficulty trying to get a position that worked, but felt better after putting two sighters through the 10.1. It went down hill from there, and he finished up with a 92.4 – not good, and asking around the rest of the team it seemed the scores were all low, except for one shooter who shot a 97.7. The team felt they had dropped the ball and lost, until the results came out and Div 3 had comfortable win. Bring on the finals in 3 weeks!

Vic got down with the div 2 team who unfortunately only had 3 shooters, so all scores would count. Vic, like Jared, had drawn the mound against the wall, and made it work for her. She got up feeling that she had shot well, and she shot a 98.4. One of her teammates had a hand-stop failure, and believed he had shot a 88 which was confirmed when the scores came out.  The other teammate also shot 98 and the team scraped a draw against the good solid shooting of the opposition with a 284.9, so both teams will be shooting in the finals – Div 2 will have a 3-way final!

It has been a couple of big days. We still have a few weeks before the full-bore season starts, but the pressure is starting to build up to get prepared for that. It is gong to be hectic for the next month!

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