In which Vic can’t believe her eyes.


I got a text message on Friday morning informing me that my new lens was ready to pick up from the optometrist. The original plan was that if the lens was ready, Jared would pick it up after work. I think we both knew that was never going to be the case. I ran to the dairy to top up my snapper card, and within 15 minutes of receiving the message, I was on the bus to the Hutt to pick it up. $82, two bus trips, sushi and a short hunt for the armoury keys later, this amazing thing happened to a club small bore rifle (I also purchased a new peep when I bought the lens holder… sexy-orange and low profile!):


I drew a small dot on a piece of paper and set the rifle up in my living room. I was slightly shocked to say the least.

Until now, I was very skeptical whether adding a lens to my sights would actually help with anything (or if I would even notice it – especially when the optometrist was talking about how it is a very weak prescription). Also, ever since I started shooting, I always thought that all the examples of the perfect sight picture were just theoretical. No-one ACTUALLY sees that… right?

Turns out that people actually DO see an un-distorted, crisp and complete sight picture and thanks to my trip to the optometrist and my new lens, so do I! Despite being a “weak” prescription, it is like switching on a light in a dark room.

It will take some getting used to though. The lens forces my focus onto the front sight (which I never actually realised was black – I thought it was a non-descript grey colour). The target is a fuzzy dot which unnerves me slightly as I am used to seeing the target clearly.

This is what I see lying 3m from the aiming mark in the living room … (well… roughly… it isn’t quite to scale and a little off-centre but you get the picture). I was desperate to get to smallbore club night as I was slightly concerned that the target would be way too fuzzy at a greater distance!


Wednesday FINALLY rolled around (that was a pretty long week) and I managed to squad into the first round to do a practice card. No matter what I did, I could not get comfortable. I managed to shoot some 10-ring groups.

My sight picture was amazing! I needed to wind the aperture down fairly small to focus the target comfortably but nowhere near as small as I would have to wind it to bring the front ring into focus before I got the lens (usually too small and dark to actually see anything at all which is why I put up with a fuzzy foresight!).

After doing some scoping for Kennie, I got down for the last squad of the night – a 20 shot match for the the Hutt Valley B team postal competition. I also put my last postal aggregate in for the first card of the 20 (hurrah!). Even though by now it was 9pm (and I was very tired and my sight was deteriorating even though I hadn’t done any shooting yet), my sight picture was still very good. Much to my dismay, I still couldn’t get into a good position and I lost a lot of points to position. I also kept knocking over my scope which didn’t help at all. I ended up with a 94 and a 93 which isn’t too bad considering my position was awful and I couldn’t see where my shots were going! It probably would have been a lot worse without my new lens!

All in all, I think sorting out my eyes was a good investment. I am interested to see what it looks like in full-bore… 3 weeks to go!

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