Vic and Jareds Shooting Adventures

Hi and Welcome to HotloadeD!

This is  our blog based on our experiences of shooting in New Zealand. It is a little bit opinion, a little bit fact, a little bit fun and a lot self promotion!

We are Vic and Jared McMurdo. We are target shooters. We shoot fullbore (.308) in the summer and smallbore (.22) in the winter. We are constantly in the state of learning, exploring, shooting and acquiring new gear and we would like to share out experiences with the world.

This is the place where you can gain an insight to our thinking and what’s happening in our shooting world.

Enjoy 🙂


  1. dave

    So when are you going to put the apostrophe into the title of the blog?

    1. VicVic (Post author)

      Done! Surprised it took you so long to pick it up!


  2. Dave

    Would it be picky to point out “Vic’s story” and “Jared’s Story”. At least no one will ever accuse you of using Grocer’s apostrophes.


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