Cake! (A Grumpy-Pants Birthday Shoot)

This post is all about cake… cake at smallbore clubnight… delicious cake… And maybe some shooting…*

Yesterday was my birthday so it was my turn  take cake to smallbore. Having no time to bake a cake, I selected a cake from the bakery section of our local supermarket. It was a delicious looking cake. A fancy lamington log… I was looking forward to taking cake to smallbore since the last time we had cake at smallbore (last week).

I saw this cake in the supermarket. I had already chosen a jam roll and a chocolate roll but as we passed the fridge section, this cake caught my eye. It was soft moist sponge dipped in fake chocolate and rolled in the dryest of dessicated coconut. It was split down the middle and adorned with swathes of whipped cream and lashings of red fake jammy syrupy stuff. It was the lamington cake to end all lamington cakes and it only cost $5!  As I gazed at the cake through its glistening plastic box, I knew this cake was destined to be enjoyed by the Upper Hutt Smallbore Club (and more importantly, myself!). I put the chocolate and jam rolls back on the shelf – rejects to be scorned and discarded and never talked of again.

Sadly the cake-consuming was not to be… (here comes the grumpy-pants bit!). A combination of various things (earache, hormones, cold, tired, grumpy, tantrums, tummy bug, hermit tendencies etc…), meant that we left without tasting the cake. We didn’t even crack open the sellotape sealing the box.

I really hope the cake was eaten last night (If any of Upper Hutt Smallbore Club is reading, please tell me what it tasted like! Was it like angel tears or was it like greasy sickly sweet sandpaper abrading your tastebuds?). Please describe to me in the comments!

Oh and we did shoot a card each… it was ok.

* next post will be about shooting… promise…


  1. Dave Glover

    Don’t you just hate these clubs? Groucho Marx (or possibly Karl 🙂 ) said that he didn’t want to join a club that would have him as a member. Sounds good to me! Mmmmmmmm, lamingtons.

    1. rick

      What!!….what is fake chocolate made of?..

      1. VicVic (Post author)

        Um… possibly syrup with chocolate flavouring maybe? I am not sure… I am pretty sure it contains no cocoa though! Whatever they use to stick the coconut to the lamington!

    2. VicVic (Post author)

      Nah… I really like the clubs we belong to! Though sometimes I wonder why we get approved as members… which makes me think we shouldn’t want to be members… so yes… your point exactly – except that I like being a member and hanging out with my new friends!


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