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tiro tropies

I am not very good at writing about myself so this may be one of the harder posts that I will have to write. I’m not the best at this at the best of times, but here it goes.

The day started easily enough with the AGM until the election of officers when some bright spark decided to nominate me for club captain. I was very surprised to say the least. Petone Rifle Club is a club steeped in history, and given that I have only been a member for one season and add to that I had never touched a rifle until 18 months ago, it was a bit of a shock. In many ways it shows the progressive nature of the Petone Rifle Club and its willingness try new things and not getting stuck in the past. The nomination was seconded and I was accepted to the position.

This has thrown my plans for the season into disarray. The position of Club Caption can be  very involved. Organizing the club, setting up the range, meeting and greeting, and looking after visitors are just some of the responsibilities. On the upside, I have an excellent assistant who will make the job much easier, and probably more fun. The meeting continued and eventually closed while I was still reeling in shock.

Onto the prize giving! This is the bit I’m finding hard. I had a good first season and I knew that I had some trophies coming my way, but there were a few more that took me completely by surprise.

The ones I expected and won were: (from left to right)

tiro tropies

Tyro short range aggregate (McGruddy Cup)

Tyro long range aggregate (London Trophy)

Tyro grand aggregate (Burridge Cup)

Tyro club champion (Totara Lodge Cup)

The ones I did not expect were the handicap trophies. They are run so that an A grade shooter gets 0 extra points at each range, B grade shooter gets 1 extra point at each range, C grade shooter gets 2 extra points, and Tyro gets 3. This looks like it is an excellent competition. When you read the names on the trophies, you can see the shooters are from many grades and abilities, so it comes down to who shot well on the days or season. Many of the top shooters of the club are represented on these trophies and its an honor to have my name amongst them.

The Trophies are: (from left to right)


Short range handicap aggregate (Annie Huggan Trophy)

Long range handicap aggregate (Lewis Cup)

Grand handicap aggregate (Rough and Co Cup)

The only other trophy I came close to winning was double 1000 yard. This takes your 2 best scores at 1000 yards (considered to be the hardest range) and ranks you without handicap. I finished second in this competition – two points off the winner but still in there with the top shooters of the club. This has raised my confidence significantly as it proves I can shoot up there with the big boys and be competitive. Hopefully next year I can take it out (yeah right)!

For most of these competitions, Vic was right behind me and only missed out by a little. For example, she missed the short range aggregate by one center, (0.1 of a point)

There are only 3 weeks left before the opening of the season, and the hard work begins in earnest. We have lots to do to get ready, both for ourselves and for the club, but its so close that I can almost taste it!


P.S. Here is the boasting photo. (when did i get a pot belly?)


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