Jareds Story

I was born to a family the had not planned me, this did not detriment the love or increase the resentment, it did mean that I was forced to fit to a highly motivated and disciplined sporting team, their sport was motorcycle racing, (my father was nz f3 champion for 5 years running till he retired) and I can see some of that influence in my approach to sport. Sport is very important, maybe more than life or death.

I have always had trouble finding a sport that suits me, or that I can really get my teeth into, as a result I have tried most and have found few I can come back to. Finding shooting was very unexpected, I have never liked guns and still in many ways don’t, they can be a very dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, and need to be treated with respect, I believe I quite restrictive gun control, (you need to be a suitable person and have a reason) so when a friend suggested to go shooting at a range I had some apprehension, but my natural give anything a go instinct took over.

So the first time I touched a rifle I shot at 97 on FTR. It was very obvious that FTR was not going to take me forward, so when two weeks later I went back (try everything twice, once to see if you like it and twice to make sure) I jumped on aperture sights with a rest, needless to say my score dropped badly, but my motivation went through the roof, so two weeks later I was in a sling making a fool of myself, but it was so good, the control and discipline was what I always wanted in a sport.

I only shot once more in the 20012- 2013 season, but I knew I would be taking the new season of full-bore very seriously, and being in the most supportive club was an incredible help. I went to indoor small-bore to work on my position and sighting for winter and this prepared me for my tiro season, it was great, with Vic (my Wife) trying her best to beat me at every event it was more fun than you can imagine, but oh so expensive, we kissed the house renovations good bye and immersed ourselves in shooting.

Now is the time to pass on what our experiences and lessons for others look forward to giving you a chance to see my brave new world!

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