A Slow Few Weeks…

It has been a while since our last post because the last few weeks have been a little quiet for team HotloadeD but here is a quick update anyway!

We intended to take a month off smallbore in the lead-up to fullbore season (opening day today… yippee!) but it didn’t quite work out like that. We were selected for a couple of representative teams and also had some interclub competitions so we have continued shooting right through.

Our interclub finals were last week. The Upper Hutt div 3 team that Jared is in won their finals… Jared had the high score of 96.5. Well done! I am in the div 2 team and we were 2nd in our three-way final.  I scored 94.something – I am not sure that it even counted!

Last night we represented the Hutt Valley in the C grade reps against Wellington. Unfortunately our team was one person short so we lost to Wellington by 168 points. Well done Wellington!

Last night was also an extra interclub competition – the div 3 Hutt Valley winning team (Upper Hutt) versus the winning Wellington div 3 team. Both Jared and I were selected for the Upper Hutt team and we won. I top scored for the team with 190.4.

My new lens is going well. I have been shooting consistent 94s with it – not exactly high scores but consistent at least (not something I have been this season!). I have a lovely sight picture but my group has opened up. I might have to play with some different sized foresight elements and also really concentrate on making sure my head/cheek/eye is in exactly the same place every time. I haven’t been shooting very much so I haven’t really had a proper chance to play… I can’t wait to see what it looks like on my fullbore rifle… 3 more hours to go!

Enough talking… I have to go and get ready for fullbore!



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