A New Toy and an Update on Our Stocks!

bolt face

Well… I did promise…

While we were at the Horowhenua Championships on the weekend, Jared took the opportunity to view (and buy) a second-hand full-bore rifle. He had already pretty much committed to buying it before seeing it so we were very excited to see what he had ended up with!

The rifle belonged to a now retired shooter. He was happy to let it go for a fair price.  It hasn’t been shot for 10 years but on its last outing it shot a 75.6 in a 15 shot match!


We didn’t get a thorough look at it whilst in the Horowhenua but when we got home, we stripped it back and were delighted with what we saw – A 1983 Barnard Action in absolute pristine condition! This is two years younger than Vics action but as far as we can tell, it is almost identical so should be interchangeable! The bolt face is also in pretty good nick! (one small mark)

matrin sn bolt face

The action has a 28 inch Madco barrel installed which as far as we can tell is a pretty decent barrel. We haven’t heard of the brand but apparently they were all the rage 10 years ago! We haven’t bore-scoped it but it sounds like it has had 1500 to 2000  rounds down it so it probably will last another season. It was powder coated because the previous owner got annoyed with the glare off the barrel while shooting at Cheltenham.

As well as this, it has a “modern” 2 stage Barnard trigger on it. We were a bit confused as to how this could work because a modern trigger doesn’t fit my very similar action. It turns out that the previous owner installed the guts of the Barnard “P” trigger into the existing old Barnard trigger body! You will notice the masking tape holding the pins in – this is because the pins were never center punched, making fixing/modifying easy.


The stock is nothing special – wooden, nonadjustable and has a 2 point sling permanently attached. This is not really important as we are getting new stocks made and it sounds like we already have a buyer for it! It came with the usual Central sights, but more importantly spare extractors, trigger and other goodies.

We can’t wait to get out on the range with it and see how it shoots!

Jared has decided to call the rifle “Martin”!

And… a bit of an update on our stocks which are currently being manufactured…

The stocks have been cast and most of the machining done. It turns out that it is quite tricky to install the V bedding, so after discussions with Nigel and Harvey, the decision has been made to fill the stock with weld and then machine out an identical bedding as an integral part of the stock! The problem with welding the external block in is that it might warp from the heat.

Should be a couple of weeks away… Can’t wait!


  1. ewan

    2 years newer surely?? Or is it sherly??

    1. VicVic

      Whoops yes! Will change that!

  2. ewan

    Also, let me compare the v-block to my p14 before you sell it please??

  3. VicVic

    Sure thing!


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